Security Changes

I've updated the site to support SSL so it is secure. At present it's optional but I recommend you use the HTTPS site

The webmail interface is also secure. The old, insecure, webmail site is now gone.




A few photos from our trip to Elba.

Evil Spamming Ratbags

Last couple of days weve had a password hacked and then, annoyingly, been used as a spam source.

IPF to the rescue. A quick script and enabling ipf and they are denied acces:

tail -10000 dovecot.log | grep nologin | grep -v hidden | cut -d '=' -f4 | sort | uniq -c

tail -10000 dovecot.log | grep nologin | grep -v hidden | cut -d '=' -f4 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n | awk '{ print( "block in from "$2 " to any ") }'

Interesting source of the spam: Iran,Israel,USA.


eMusic.com are an evil company.
They will give your email address out to spammers. Don't ever give them an address which you cant block later.
steve.emusic is now being blocked as I am getting about one spam every 2 minutes on this address.


Costa Rica 2005, the 'Green Season' in Costa Rica is pretty wet.
It rained almost all the time and was surprisingly dark! Here are some images. We were skiing in Lech some time ago, there are a few

pictures available. Not too many I'm afraid as we were all too busy having fun instead of taking photos.

ICS took part in a ski competition recently, well, quite a while ago. Some unedited pictures here.

We have a pond in the garden but I've lost the pictures