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Pretty Good Privacy
Pretty Good Privacy is a system used to encrypt and signed data. It can be integrated into a number of mail readers so that you can send encrypted mail to someone. If you use one of the supported mail readers, then you can send and receive encrypted mail pretty transparently. 
For more information about PGP and Privacy see the Privacy links below. 
Get Our PGP Keys
Here they are. Not everyone here has PGP available to them. Two key sets are provided, one which supports PGP 5 and  one for the new PGP6 incorporating images to help with authentication. 

The other place you could try is the MIT key server. 

PGP5 Public Key Files 

  • Steve Flasby
PGP6 Public Key Files 
  • Steve Flasby
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PGP and Privacy Links
For more information about PGP and other privacy related issues check the following links:
PGP Home Page
PGP International Home Page
Electronic Frontier Foundation

PGP International has released the latest version incorporating IDEA based keys.