Tasting the Beer

So,  the IPA really is quite bitter,  next time I think a bit less at the start of the boil and I want to try dry hoping.  Still, it has a good colour, the head is about right and is fairly clear.  All in all I am happy with it.

Brewing on Saturday

Brewed an IPA style beer. The aim was to be quite bitter and using simcoe so should smell grapefuity.
I changed the technique somewhat. Presoaked the Irish Moss and cooled the beer in the boiler with the Irish Moss and hops still present. I read somewhere that the clarifying effect happens during the cooling phase. Firt impresions are that it was clearing better. However, filtering out the hops was problematic as the filter kept clogging.
The fermentation started very quickly with the new yeast and is very active this morning.
Plato roughly 12, but hard to read with the foamy head.