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Getting to us is fairly easy, you can use public transport, drive or come with a bike. The bike can be tough as some of the hills are bigger than you think, but it's worth it if you come through the forest. 
Public Transport
From Zürich: 
Take the ForchBahn. This is a high speed tram which runs from Zürich Stadelhofen out to Esslingen. Most of the day it runs every 30 minutes with trains running every 15 minutes during the rush hours. 
Get out at either Hinteregg or Egg stations. The walk is nicer from Hinteregg as you walk along the edge of meadows and orchards to get to us. It's probably easier to find if you get out at Egg, but the walk is a bit steeper and not so pretty. 
There is a timetable from Zurich to Hinteregg here. You should enter 'bahnhof stadelhofen' in the 'von' (means from) field and 'hinteregg' in the 'nach' field. 

From the Airport: 
Of course, the easiest way is by Taxi but expect this to cost about 80 Francs. Otherwise, take the train from the Airport station. Buy your ticket from the counter or use a ticket machine if you have change. Be aware that you should get a ticket which is valid via Zürich as the normal ticket goes via a stupid route which costs slightly less but takes an hour longer. 

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From other places:
Most public transport routes end up on the ForchBahn. You can get a timetable from the SBB by using their electronic timetable.
From Zürich:
The easiest way is along the Forchstrasse. Follow signs Rapperswil and then Forch. Continue past Forch and then take the exit for Egg. Turn right at the top of the exit ramp and continue to the traffic lights. Continue straight across the traffic lights and turn immediately right. After about 20 metres turn left and continue up the hill about 100 metres, taking the second turning right. You are now in Rütistrasse. The road is about 100 metres long and at the end you should turn left into the parking area and park. There is a map on a post close to the roadside showing where the houses are. Simply walk around behind the parking area and along the 'play street'. Our house is about half way along on the right, number 43.
On the bike
From Zürich:
Use a map to find the VBZ tram stop ''. Around here you will see a road going up a hill heading east. Go up here about 50 metres and turn right. This is a dead end for cars, but on the bike keep going into the forest. Once in here you will find a stream. Follow the stream uphill as far as you can. This will involve crossing a couple of roads. Keep heading south through the forest following signs to Forch. If you are lucky, you should find yourself at the 'Denkmal' at Forch. This is the war memorial on top of a hill above Forch shaped like a flame. My route from here is less interesting as I normally I just belt down the hill on the road because I'm usually too tired to climb any more and find the way through the forest between Forch and Egg. As I haven't done this part through the forest very often you are on your own. The once or twice I have done it I enjoyed especially once you've finished climbing and can zoom down the logging paths.